Further to a total ban of all animal movements –including horses – in the Netherlands, announced this morning by the Ministry of Agriculture, CSI-W CDI-W ‘s-Hertogenbosch had to be cancelled this morning. Very few horses had already arrived in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

On a farm in Olst, Foot and Mouth Disease was diagnosed this Wednesday. Minister of Agriculture Brinkhorst reported the case to the Governement. The disease was diagnosed in 4 bovines. The farm has 60 cattle and 20 sheep. The farm had not imported any animals this year and had also not moved any animal away in the last few weeks. Destruction of all susceptible animals in a zone of 1 km around the farm has been started. As of 11:00 today, a total ban of animal movement has been issued.

More information will be issued as soon as available:

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