For the first time ever, FISU has opened a double attribution programme for hosting of its World University Championships and University World Cups in 2022 and 2024. This means cities and NUSFs can plan ahead and look into the opportunity to host the unique events either three years from now, or five. 

LAUSANNE – The International University Sports Federation is inviting prospective hosts to apply to stage the World University Championships (WUC) and University World Cups (UWC) that will run through the calendar years 2022 and 2024, with 25 different events, including cluster events in Mind Sports and Combat Sports. 

Following the decision of the last FISU Executive Committee held in Naples earlier this year, the bidding procedure is now open for a double attribution. The two best dossiers for each sport will be assessed by FISU’s Technical Committee for World University Championships and events will also be attributed for 2024, after successful attribution for 2022. 

The competitions in American Football, Floorball, Handball and Cheerleading will be held as University World Cups – a competition between university teams rather than national squads – from the 2022 season onwards. 

“FISU is moving ahead enthusiastically with its new concept of the University World Cups,” says FISU Secretary General-CEO Eric Saintrond. “These events create an alternative set-up to regular competition between national teams. In fact, to maximise the potential of the university sports movement, we believe this format of university teams competing against each other is crucial. It will increase participation in these sports even further, not just at our events but in universities worldwide as the finalists come through continental qualifiers.” 

The WUCs and UWCs are FISU’s exciting single sport and cluster competitions that take place every alternate year, barring the University World Cup 3×3 which is held every year. These Championships and Cups give multiple cities a chance to host a world-class sports event with minimum cost and complexity. Through the Championships, FISU collaborates with the international sports federations to test new formats and enhance sports delivery and innovation. 

In the upcoming 2020 season, 31 stand-alone World University Championship events will make for a calendar full of quality competitions. The attribution process for 2022 and 2024 starts with this call for candidature. The race to host one of the most exciting events in university sport begins now! 

World University Championships (21) 

• Beach Volleyball 

• Canoe Sports 

• Combat Sports 

• Cross Country 

• Cycling 

• Futsal 

• Golf 

• Mind Sports 

• Modern Pentathlon 

• Orienteering 

• Powerlifting 

• Rowing 

• Sailing 

• Shooting Sport 

• Ski Orienteering 

• Speed Skating 

•  Sport Climbing 

•  Squash

•  Triathlon 

• Waterski & Wakeboard 

• Weightlifting 

University World Cups (4) 

• American Football 

• Floorball 

• Handball 

• Cheerleading 

The International University Sports Federation – FISU 

Founded in 1949, FISU stands for Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire (International University Sports Federation). FISU was formed within university institutions in order to promote sports values and sports practice in harmony with the university spirit. Promoting sports values means encouraging friendship, fraternity, fair-play, perseverance, integrity and cooperation amongst students, who one day may have responsibilities and key positions in politics, economy, culture and industry. 

With FISU’s motto being ‘Today’s Stars, Tomorrow’s Leaders’, all FISU events include educational and cultural aspects, bringing together sport and academia from all over the world to celebrate with a spirit of friendship and sportsmanship. FISU cooperates in developing its events and programmes with all major international sports and educational organisations. As major outcomes of those collaborations, in 2015, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) proclaimed the International Day of University Sport to be celebrated annually on 20 September – an event that has seen huge growth in its first few years. 

FISU is composed of 174 Member Associations (National University Sports Federations). The FISU General Assembly elects the members of the FISU Executive Committee, its board of directors. A total of 14 permanent committees advise the Executive Committee in their specialised areas. For the daily administration of FISU, the FISU Executive Committee relies on the Secretary General, who is assisted by the FISU staff. FISU’s headquarters are in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

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