The Danish Handball Association (DHF) and the Swiss Handball Federation (SHV) are proud to announce their joint bid for the EHF EURO 2022/2024.

Denmark+Switzerland symbolise a perfect partnership for the EHF EURO and for European Handball. The strong joint bid showcases the strength of small nations coming together, and the EURO can thus count on their combined handball expertise and their ambitious drive for hosting EHF’s flagship event in a new and exciting way.

With Denmark+Switzerland the EURO is guaranteed two fantastic hosts with years of experience in welcoming major sport events and a passion for handball. Athletes, fans and officials await outstanding venues and first-class hospitality.

For more on what a EURO hosted in Denmark+Switzerland would look like, have a look at the website and video that was released today. (See link:

The presidents of the two federations are pleased to be bidding together. And president of the Danish Handball Association, Per Bertelsen, is already excited about the partnership:

“The bid for the EHF EURO 2022/2024 was a perfect moment to partner with SHV, and I am convinced that the combination of our expertise and strengths will guarantee a handball event unlike any other. We just launched our joint bid and already working together has been a great experience. We are very excited to share our plans for the EURO with the European Handball community in the coming months.”

Ulrich Rubeli, President of the Swiss Handball Federation agrees:

“We are very proud to partner with Denmark in bidding for the Men’s EHF EURO 2022/2024. We could not have asked for a better partner than DHF who shares our ambition for delivering a fantastic event. Denmark+Switzerland = Perfect Partnership provides a lot of new opportunities for European Handball, not only in our countries, but for the whole continent. “

The joint bid from Denmark+Switzerland is partnered by the Danish national sport event organisation, Sport Event Denmark. More information on the bid, including detailed plans will be released via the official website in April.

Contact details:

Katrine Munch Bechgaard, head of communications, DHF. Cell: +45 6137 9896

Marco Ellenberger, head of communications, SHF. Cell: ++41 79 629 58 42.