European Athletics will decide Saturday which cities will host the 2014 and 2015 European Athletics Team Championships super leagues.

Braunschweig (Germany) and Ostrava (Czech Republic) are bidding to host the top division of the 2014 championships, while Cheboksary (Russia) is bidding for 2015.

Each city delegation will make its final presentation to the European Athletics Council during its 133rd meeting this weekend. The 2-4 November Council meeting will take place in Bucharest, Romania, at the Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel.

European Athletics Director General Christian Milz said, “The cities all have impressive credentials to show our Council as to why they are able to host the European Athletics Team Championships.

“Our strong event bidding process – an integral part our long-term planning strategy – will ensure that the selected candidate will be able to deliver one of our flagship events to the highest of standards.”

The European Athletics Team Championships has gone from strength to strength since it began in 2009, introducing a number of groundbreaking initiatives including a revamp of traditional track and field regulations, men and women competing as one team, promotion and relegation battles among the four leagues, and a European “league table.”

“With such an event we are leading the way in adapting and developing our sport so it maintains its appeal in the eyes of the spectators, TV viewers, media and athletes of today and tomorrow,” said Milz.

The 2013 edition of the European Athletics Team Championships super league will be held in Gateshead, England.

An overview of European Athletics’ event bidding process is available here.

During the European Athletics Council, members will be welcomed by the Crown Princess and Prince Radu of Romania for an official dinner to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Romanian Athletic Federation.