Kamera, Europe’s leading Internet TV company, has signed a substantial content agreement with Sweden’s leading broadband operator com hem. During a six months period, commencing December 2000, Kamera will deliver content and services within the music and sports arenas to the com hem broadband portal.

‘The initiative we are pursuing with Kamera is an important step in our long term multi-channel strategy.’ said Adrian Talbot, Business Development Director, com hem. ‘We always aim to deliver the most interesting content and Kamera is able to help us in many of our prioritised areas – not least in sports and music.’

‘We already have a good relationship with com hem in the sports area. This new agreement expands our involvement with com hem, by also contributing content and services to the portal’s music sections.’ said Dan Willstrand, CEO at Kamera. ‘The development of broadband services is in its early stages, but we already have the possibility of offering attractive content and creative formats to Internet viewers.’

More information about the agreement will be made public at a later date.

For more information please contact:

Adrian Talbot,
Business Development Director com hem,
+46 8 55 36 30 35

Dan Willstrand, CEO Kamera
+46 8 50 65 70 00