1,425 times around the world: logistics that are going great guns

Conceptum Sport Logistics has logged more than 50 million kilometers in the past six months alone

Frankfurt, October 31, 2012 – If you want to go around the world at the equator, you’ll need to count on covering a distance of 40,000 kilometers – which is the distance the Conceptum Sport Logistics team (www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com) has covered 1,425 times.
Projects involving cultural project logistics accounted for 57 million kilometers – and within a space of six months, no less. In this process, the Conceptum team arranged for the transport of just about everything you can think of: racehorses; toboggans; auto race teams; teams of mechanics and their tools; symphony orchestras and their instruments, scores, and conductors. And in every single instance, the items reached their exact destination, whether it was Whistler, Canada, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, or Sotschi, Russia.

The company often receives logistics orders from high places such as national or international athletics organizations, or Olympic committees – all of which have availed themselves of Conceptum Sport Logistics’ services at one time or another.
Trust is key in such situations, for cultural project logistics often involve the transport of extremely fragile and/or sensitive items, many of them irreplaceable. “When sports or cultural events are held around the world, the spectators see only the facade, behind which are logistics processes involving transport, packing, and formalities,” says Sebastian Stahl, the CEO of Conceptum Sport Logistics, whose German head office is located near the Frankfurt airport.

Inasmuch as virtually all transport logistics require extensive preparation, Conceptum Sport Logistics has carried out test events at the various Olympics venues in preparation for the transport processes during the 2014 Olympics in Sotschi. For the athletes involved, such logistics services constitute more than just a helping hand, for they enable the athletes to fully focus on their sport, without getting distracted by the transport details of their equipment.

Conceptum CEO Sebastian Stahl sees these logistics as a task that requires his personal commitment and is at the same a lot of fun: “Our teams provide transport logistics from the pickup location to the destination, whether it’s an ice channel, a race track, or a concert hall. Because after all, 1,425 trips around the world make you happy.”

Conceptum Sport Logistics (www.conceptum-sport-logistics.com) has come to lead the global market in tailor-made transport solutions for sports equipment and other sensitive loads in cultural project logistics. The logistics company’s team serves a variety of national Olympic committees as well as national and international sports associations around the world; the company’s extensive experience and know-how provide ideal solutions in transporting and handling sports equipment such as bobsleds, boats and much more, along with team transports and accommodation at sports venues. Conceptum Sport Logistics’ offices in Germany (Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg) and sports offices in Switzerland (Lausanne), Brazil, Canada have brought the company close to its customers and venues for genuinely local service. Ocean freight, air freight and road haulage – Conceptum Sport Logistics operates in more than fifteen countries with more than a hundred and fifty partners in international freight traffic from a one-stop shop.

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