As part of the drive to increase the amount of original programming on the channel, Extreme Sports Channel’s Managing Director, Phil Jones has commissioned two new series for the 2004 schedules.

‘Stacked’ (6 x 30 mins) examines the injuries caused by Extreme Sports in a narrative-format series produced by Cardiff production company, Boomerang. Each episode of Stacked! focuses on a different extreme sport and looks in detail at the ways that its athletes punish their bodies to take it to the next level. The six grisly episodes include tales of horror from motocross, skateboarding, BMX and more.

The second commissioned series, ‘Hangin’ with…’ (6 x 30 mins) takes amateur extreme sports enthusiasts to meet their heroes and spend a week in the life of an internationally famous sport pro. Each programme exposes a budding wannabe plucked from the obscurity of street, slope or beach to the high drama of international competition and the low-fi party antics of pros on tour. The show has been developed in-house, and is being produced by Addiction.

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