Class 1 powerboat racing is set to be experienced as never before thanks to a revolution in sporting broadcast technology and coverage led by Class 1 TV.

For the first time, a stand-alone TV product, exclusive to the Class1 World Offshore Championship, has been designed and produced for international distribution.

Thirteen half-hour episodes of Class 1 TV, have a potential reach of 320 million households. Distribution has been secured to all major global television markets including Asia, Europe the US and South America.

Technological and creative innovations in the sport will deliver spectacular race footage from all course vantage points and include the introduction of new unmanned buoy cameras which capture heart-stopping angles of 250 km/h catamarans passing just centimetres away.

A brand new interactive television project is also under development that will enable online sports fans around the world to access different television angles and focus on a particular team or action of choice.

The service will use broadband connections, which radically enhance the speed of surfing the net. Users will be able to watch real-time, high quality videos via the net and fast forward, freeze or rewind the action frame by frame.

Juanjo Marquez Salva, Media Director of Offshore Sport Promotion, which holds all promotional, commercial and media rights to the World Offshore Championship, said:

‘Innovations in both the sport itself and the broadcast technology deployed, means that Class 1 World Offshore Championship will be delivered in a brand new format to more viewers than ever before.’

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