In February 2006, we have informed you already that WIGE MEDIA AG has sold the companies WIGE DATA GmbH, WIGE INNOVATION GmbH and WIGE MIC Liberec SRO to SWISS TIMING Ltd. – a company of the Swatch Group
headquartered in Biel/Switzerland.

Today, we would like to inform you that these 3 companies will be renamed by August 1, 2006. They remain legally independent.

Starting on August 1, 2006, WIGE DATA GmbH will continue its business under the name ST SPORTSERVICE GmbH, WIGE INNOVATION GmbH will be renamed to ST INNOVATION GmbH, and WIGE MIC Liberec SRO will become ST SOFTWARE SRO.

ST stands for SWISS TIMING. All 3 companies will use the logo of SWISS TIMING.

This shareholder change does not imply any changes in the WIGE DATA, WIGE INNOVATION and WIGE MIC Liberec management as well as business processes and customer relations.

ST SPORTSERVICE, ST INNOVATION and ST SOFTWARE will in the future take care of all existing customer relations and contractual obligations of WIGE DATA, WIGE INNOVATION and WIGE MIC Liberec.

We continue to be a reliable partner and sincerely hope you continue trusting in our expertise.

Persons in charge for ST SPORTSERVICE are Managing Director Dr. Ulrich Heilfort, authorized signatory as Chief Operation Officer for Sales & Service Blanca Quietzsch and Dr. Ingrid Barche being the authorized signatory as Chief Financial Officer.

Managing Directors of ST INNOVATION are Enrico Richter and Dr. Ulrich Heilfort, and ST SOFTWARE is managed by Radek Masnica and Dr. Ulrich Heilfort.