Bass Brewers today announces Carling’s withdrawal from negotiations with the FA Premier League regarding sponsorship of the Carling Premiership.

Four months ago Carling bosses evaluated a number of marketing options, one of which included the submission of a commercially viable bid to the Premier League. Bass has re-evaluated these options in light of the current protracted negotiation process and believes its other marketing plans have a greater value for Carling.

These plans include a trebling of Carling’s investment in TV and other media advertising – making Carling the biggest lager advertiser in the UK – expansion of music sponsorship and a range of other new initiatives.

This decision doesn’t affect Carling’s plans for the remainder of this season including the end of season celebrations and initiatives such as Manager and Player of the Month.

Bass Brewer’s Marketing Director, Mark Hunter, explained:

‘We have sponsored the league for eight great years since 1993 – and in that time Carling has gone from strength to strength.

‘We first presented a bid back in September and understood that it would finally be tabled at yesterday’s meeting so that club Chairmen could make a decision. This didn’t happen so we can’t let this indecision affect other plans for Carling. This is why we are moving forward with other initiatives.

‘Carling has been Britain’s best selling lager since 1971 which is way before the Premiership was even a thought in the mind of the footballing fraternity. Therefore, we are looking forward to continuing to build on activities that will maintain our successful relationship with English football and also move us into new and exciting areas which will definitely keep Carling at the top.’

This decision only affects Bass’ involvement in the Carling Premiership. The company’s long-standing association with football continues through deals such as the Worthington Cup, Tennents’ Scottish Cup and partnerships with organisations including the LMA, FWA and PFA. Carling will continue to discuss future opportunities within football.

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