The Bundesliga has announced a partnership with 433, one of the leading football channels on social media, as it continues to build on its successful digital strategy which has fuelled rapid growth in German football’s fanbase in recent years.

With over 37 million fans following 433’s social media channels across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube and Tik Tok, this partnership is one of the many ways the Bundesliga is enhancing its global reach.

As the world’s second biggest football league (in terms of revenues), the Bundesliga will work closely with 433, one of the fastest growing sports communities internationally, to share and create engaging content on a regular basis throughout the year.

Not only focusing on the best of the Bundesliga action, 433 will give fans a deeper insight into the clubs and players who make the league so special. 433 will also go behind the scenes during the league’s international activities, supporting Bundesliga Experience events and Club Tours over the coming months.

With recent events held in Japan, India, Thailand, Mexico and Nigeria, Club Tours planned to the USA and China over the coming weeks, and through access to the world-class media product offered by the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga Group, 433 will have plenty of content to work with.

Speaking about this, Bundesliga International CEO Robert Klein said: “With strong similarities to the Bundesliga’s digital strategy, 433 has built a strong, global fanbase through engaging and unique content. Thanks to our international presence and subsequent appeal, they’re looking forward to complementing the strong digital footprint the Bundesliga has made in the global marketplace.”

He continued: “It’s important that, whilst the Bundesliga is the best attended football league in the world, we work with 433 to expand our storytelling around ‘Football As It’s Meant To Be’ so that we can bring even more fans closer to the game here in Germany. With the channels 433 use and style of content they share, together we will increase social engagement in the league, particularly with younger fans who are our future.”

Floris Weisz, 433’s Chief Commercial Officer, added: “The opportunity to work with the world’s most entertaining league is really exciting for us. With the highest number of goals, fierce competition throughout the season, unique fan culture, electric stadium atmospheres and a host of world-class players and rising stars, this is golden content for our channels. We’re particularly looking forward to utilising the Bundesliga’s innovative approach to content which will help both organisations create stronger connections between fans and the league throughout the year.”