Research showing the impact of Ellen MacArthur’s round the world record demonstrates an unprecedented sponsorship success for B & Q.

Using sponsatrak, a joint Sports Marketing Surveys/NOP World weekly poll, it shows that in the week following the record, whilst the high interest and recognition of Ellen MacArthur is maintained, the number of people able to name her sponsor without prompting more than doubled to 58% of the general public. When prompted this increased further to 70%.

sponsatrak also reports on brand values associated with sponsoring brands. In the case of B & Q this nearly tripled for the brand attribute ‘prestigious’ with almost a third of the public now regarding B & Q as prestigious.

Whilst these results are clearly over and above what sponsorship habitually achieves – it does demonstrate very clearly how well it can work, and how well it increases brand awareness and brand image – much more difficult to do with advertising!

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