BT Broadcast Services, a global leader in the provision of broadcast solutions, has announced an agreement with ESPN to transmit the Brazilian Carioca State Soccer League’s 2000 season.

BT, through its partnership with Wold Internacional, S.A., will use BT-owned and operated Ku-band transportable earth stations (TES) to uplink the broadcast directly from Brazilian sports arenas for satellite transmission to ESPN headquarters in Bristol, CT. BT also is providing satellite capacity to ESPN, encoded by a NDS compression unit.

‘Because of the capabilities of our transportable earth stations and working relationship with Wold Internacional, S.A., BT can provide ESPN direct contribution from stadium to Bristol, CT,’ said Jon Romm, general manager, BT North America Broadcast Services. ‘We can supply ESPN with a superior delivery service directly from site, thus reducing points of failure, and maintaining quality and cost effectiveness.’

In July 1998, BT and Wold International, through its Argentine-licensed Subsidiary, Wold Internacional, S.A., formed a strategic partnership to provide transmission services to the Latin American market. The augmented services in Latin America are part of BT’s overall strategy to meet growing demand for video services in developing regions.

BT Broadcast Services provides a comprehensive range of terrestrial and satellite services for international television and radio broadcasters. The group offers flexible, cost-effective and tailor-made services, such as network development, design, provision and management. Using multiple satellite carriers, BT has created a digital global network, which interweaves C-band with Ku-band services. As the largest consortium member of INTELSAT and EUTELSAT, and the largest occasional use provider on PanAmSat, BT has the capability to service marketplaces with multiple footprint coverage. BT’s fleet of 44 transportable earth stations can be deployed within hours to provide uplink facilities anywhere in the world.

BT’s international client base includes broadcasters, news agencies, production companies and organizers of special events throughout the world. BT Broadcast Services is at the forefront of innovation in new and emerging markets, delivering technologically advanced broadcast solutions involving digitally compressed television, high definition television and satellite news gathering.

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