Following the discussions with the FIFA, the European Commission has decided to close its investigations into the rules governing access to the profession of players’ agent. This announcement was made today by the European Commission in Brussels.

FIFA General Secretary Michel Zen-Ruffinen welcomed the news: ‘The decision of the European Commission to close this investigation regarding the FIFA players’ agents regulations acknowledges the fact that FIFA, in the spirit of cooperation and thanks to the excellent work of its Legal Division, has been able to regulate this profession adequately. FIFA’sefforts in these matters have been deservedly rewarded.’

According to a media release of the European Commission, Mario Monti, the Competition Commissioner stated: ‘As the most significant restrictive provisions have been removed, the need for a licence can be justified by the need to raise moral standards within the profession of players’ agent.’

In its release, the Commission also stated that this decision became possible after FIFA decided to review the rules that had been the subject of complaints. One of the complaints had been that the ban on players and clubs using the services of agents not licensed by FIFA was anticompetitive.

FIFA has since adopted new rules which are acceptable to the Commission and which took effect on 1 March 2001. The Commission recognises FIFA’s right to regulate the profession in an attempt to promote good practice, as long as access remains open and non-discriminatory.

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