The name of Bluebird is synonymous with World record breaking, outstanding human endeavour and Great Britain.

Here is a real and rare opportunity for Companies to develop a creative partnership at an early stage with [BTR] Bluebird Team Racing. BTR propose to raise £2.5m from an exclusive ‘title’ sponsor over two years. Other official support sponsors are also being actively sought.

Don Wales is the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell and nephew of Donald Campbell, who between them have broken over 20 World Land and Water Speed records. Don is currently the holder of the official United Kingdom National Record for an electrically powered car in August 2000 at Pendine Sands.

Don said ‘It is my ambition to break the International record for an electric car in Bluebird B3 and to be acknowledged as the official World record holder’. The target is 301mph over the 7mile course at Bonneville USA. The current International holders are the USA at a speed of 245 mph. It is expected that Don Wales will have ‘the car’ to achieve his goal. The all new Bluebird B3 has been designed over two years by World land speed record holder, Thrust SCC’S systems designer Jeremy Bliss. He has designed and planned the building and running of the vehicle and has selected and identified key suppliers and personnel. The vehicle can be ready to run in approximately 14 months, in good time for the 2005 record attempt.

The Bluebird B3 project will be launched in the early Summer 2004 at Brooklands. The test runs on Pendine Sands are planned up to the World Record attempt on 3rd September 2005 at Bonneville, USA the anniversary 70 years previously [1935] when Sir Malcolm Campbell achieved the World land speed record at 301.1 mph.

The ‘build up’ to this challenge has already generated considerable World media coverage and it is anticipated that there will be growing opportunities for the ‘title’ sponsor, and official support sponsors to exploit the exposure on Television, Satellite, Radio networks together with International newsprint and Internet activity. A television documentary is in the planning stages and will provide additional coverage and an insight into the background of this momentous record breaking run.

Potential backers should make contact with Richard Field at Flamstone Marketing and Sponsorship Solutions, email Tel: 01722 781124/5 A complete breakdown of the Sponsorship benefits and opportunities are included in the proposal document which is available on request.

Further information contact:

Richard Field
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