By way of a letter to David Will, FIFA Vice President and chairman of the FIFA ad hoc Internal Audit Committee, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter yesterday (11 April) suspended the work of this body pending an investigation regarding a breach of confidentiality.

In his letter, the FIFA President wrote: ‘In order to guarantee and to protect the interests of FIFA and the FIFA Executive Committee, I have to suspend the work of the FIFA ad hoc Internal Audit Committee pending an investigation into a breach of confidentiality and the way documents, which have been given to the members of the Committee, have been handled.’

Confidentiality is dealt with in the regulations governing the work of the FIFA ad hoc Internal Audit Committee. These regulations are in line with international standards for such audits and forbid members from making statements concerning FIFA’s financial issues. Furthermore, all documents may only be consulted on the premises, no documents or copies may be taken off the premises.

In a series of hearings, the FIFA ad hoc Internal Audit Committee has already interviewed senior FIFA management staff, including members of the Finance Division.

With respect to the insolvency of the German group KirchMedia GmbH & Co. KGaA, and the steps undertaken by FIFA to guarantee the smooth continuation of broadcasting operations throughout the 2002 FIFA World Cup(tm) and beyond, the FIFA President has sent out a letter to the Executive Committee and the national associations.

These questions as well as a number of other matters will be discussed at the next meeting of the FIFA Executive Committee on 3 May.

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