Mia Audina, the badminton player who won at her 16th silver at the Olympics in Atlanta did sign this week a four years contract with the Dutch Sportmarketing company Rutac b.v.

Rob Taconis, the director is sure that this contract settle down Mia Audina and gives her the change to come to good results.

This contract, in money about 400.000 guilders, does not mean that Rutac will not only care about her financial position but it is also a management contract.
Together they will decide where Mia will play and what kind of practice she will take.

The time schedule of the 21 year young lady is:

2002 European Champion
2003 World Champion
2004 Olympic Champion

Including this contract there is also a contract with the clothing company Asics, Benelux also till the Olympics in Athen.

For more information:

Rutac b.v.
+31 30 63 01 4 04