Cellhire had its own star line up for scoring big at the 2006 World Cup with low cost bundles and a new partnership with O2 Germany.

The company provided solutions to the media, photographers, national squads and corporates that travelled to Germany for the World Cup.   By working in partnership with O2 Germany, Cellhire enabled customers to avoid international roaming charges and benefit from FREE incoming calls and reduced national and international call rates.

Established in 1987, Cellhire is the world leader in mobile communications rental. With a fleet of handsets in excess of 20,000 and offices across the UK, USA, France and Japan, Cellhire specialises in keeping customers connected by voice and data. The Company provides a range of mobile solutions to a variety of customers, including Broadcasters, Journalists and event participants.

Cellhire has provided rental solutions for numerous global sporting events including the Football World Cup, the Olympic Games, Tour de France, IAAF Athletics World Championships and the Rugby World Cup. Through the strength of its global relationships, Cellhire is able to offer customers a comprehensive choice of mobile solutions and airtime.

Events include:
· World Cup, Germany 2006, Japan/Korea 2002, France 1998
· Confederations Cup 2003
· Women’s World Cup USA 2003
· World Championships in Outdoor Athletics, Helsinki 2005, Paris 2003
· Cricket World Cup, South Africa 2003
· Rugby World Cup, Australia 2003, UK 1999
· Olympic Games, Athens 2004, Salt Lake City 2002, Sydney 2000
· The British Lions Tour of Australia 2001
· Tour de France
· European Football Championship 2004

For more information on Cellhire please visit http://www.cellhire.co.uk/ or contact a Cellhire representative on t: +44 (0) 1904 610 610  e: rentals@cellhire.com