Australia’s highly recognised achievements in maximising the tourism benefits from the Sydney Olympic Games will go on display to the world this week at the World Conference on Sport and Tourism in Spain.

Close to 1000 sport, tourism and Olympic experts from around the globe will meet at the Conference, organised by the International Olympic Committee and the World Tourism Organisation which will be officially opened by the President of the IOC, H.E Juan Antonio Samaranch.

The Australian Tourist Commission (ATC) will present a keynote presentation at the Conference, case studying Australian tourism and the 2000 Olympic Games.

ATC Managing Director John Morse, said Australia’s tourism industry had developed an excellent reputation due to the work undertaken in association with the Sydney Olympics.

‘Australia is now recognised as being the first country to use the Games to market the whole country’s tourism over a five year period and the ATC’s strategy is now regarded by the IOC as a role model for future host countries,’ Mr Morse said.

‘Add to that, Australia’s quality infrastructure, organisational excellence and problem solving skills, as demonstrated during the Games, and you have a lot of people wanting to know how Australia did it.

‘Nearly six months after the Games, the ATC is now in a position to look back on the Games and the five years leading up to them. We have learned many valuable lessons and now the IOC, the tourism industry worldwide and event cities want to take our work and move forward.

Mr Morse said following the Conference, the ATC would present to the Marketing Division of the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland on opportunities for future host cities.

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