QINGDAO – On 21 August, the AUSF Executive Committee had its first meeting of 2014 in Qingdao, China. President ZHANG Xinsheng, Senior Vice President Omar AL-HAI, Vice President CHANG Hosung, Secretary General Kenny CHOW, Vice Secretary General XUE Yanqing, Treasurer SEETOW Cheng Fave, Assessors Preecha Prayoonpat, Jargalsaikhan Dorjsuren, Hisato Igarashi, Mahdi Talebpour and Auditors HA Woong Yong, Kairat ZAKIRYANOV were present at the meeting.

The meeting started with President's Welcome address. In his address, President ZHANG expressed his gratitude to EC members, sub-regional chairs and Secretariat for their contribution. He also thanked the Huangdao District People's Government for hosting the 4 events here. This is the largest event in the history of AUSF, including 2 meetings and 2 championships. He also shared the splendid culture in Huangdao and encourage the EC members to know more about it.

In the Secretary General's report, Mr. Kenny CHOW reviewed the jobs done since the last EC meeting held in Malaysia, including the events held and to be held, the nomination of Technical Delegates and the funding situation. In his report, Treasurer SEETOW reported the current financial situation of AUSF.

In the following, the Executive Committee listened to proposal on setting up the AUSF Education and Development. The Center was set up, aiming to strengthen the communication between AUSF and its members and to provide training. The Center will be located at Centre Capital University of Physical Education.

In the afternoon session, the EC listened to the final report of 1st Asian University Climbing Championship held in Singapore this July, the progress report of 5th Men's Basketball Championship, Seminar in Chinese Taipei in 2014 and the training programme in Korea in 2015. The calendar of 2015 was fixed:

Cycling – 26-29 July in Korea

3X3 Basketball – September in Shenyang, China

Futsal – December in UAE 

Chess – March or April in Beijing, China

Training Programme – December in Korea

In each meeting, the Executive Committee will listen to the report of the 5 sub-regional chairs, including East, West, Southeast, Central and South Asia, update the current situation in each part, which helped the EC know more about the members' needs and demands and find the right way to reach them and attract them.

In the following, SEETOW introduced the FISU's verification process on Continental University Sports Federation (CUSF), and FISU’s guidance on CUSF, which well and clearly listed the procedures to follow.

The Agenda Item of the proposed Asian University Games opened a long and hot discussion. The EC members brainstormed, listing the advantages to have and the challenges ahead. In the hope to better study its feasibilities, a working group was nominated.