Data communications giant AT&T has signed a three-year sponsorship deal with the Jaguar Racing team, it was announced on Tuesday at the new car’s launch.

‘AT&T is a global company with exactly the right skills and resources to support us,’ said Jaguar’s CEO Bobby Rahal. ‘We look forward to expanding our relationship with them.

‘In fact we are currently working with AT&T to establish a network that will allow us to communicate from all 17 Grand Prix sites in 14 countries to our headquarters in Milton Keynes, our design teams at Cosworth and to Ford in the US.’

Rock Roscitt, President of AT&T Business added, ‘We are very excited about this relationship with Ford and Jaguar. AT&T is fast, focussed, flexible and boundless – all attributes which you associate with the most technologically complex sport in the world.’

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