Members of the Athens Organizing Committee paid a visit to the IOC headquarters in Lausannne to update the progress in the preparations for the Athens Games.

The meeting was Chaired by Dr. Jacques Rogge, Chairman of the Athens Coordination Commission, with President Samaranch, Me. Francois Carrard and the principal IOC Directors.

ATHOC President Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki introduced the news Board that was designated by the Greek Prime Minister, Costas Simitis, on June 22.

The Greek OCOG had been given a severe warning by President Samaranch to step-up organizational preparations.

The new members attending the meeting that were included on the Board were Petros Synadinos, who was nominated Director General, Costas Liaskas, and Martin Szimitsek, former member of the Hellenic NOC.

The new Executive Board is composed of 17 Members:

President: Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki – Former President of the ATHOC Bid Committee

Vice-President: Lambis Nikolaou – IOC Member and Current President of the Hellenic NOC

Petros Synodinos – Managing Director
Nikos Filaretos – IOC Member, Secretary General of the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games, and President of the International Olympic Academy
Panayotis Tzanikos
Constantinos Liaskas – President of the Hellenic Technical Chamber
Ioannis Manos
Ioannis Papadogyannakis
Ioannis Sgouros
Dimitris Diathessopoulos
Dimitris Avramopoulos
Costas Georgiadis – Member of the International Olympic Committee
Dimitris Glavas – President of the Greek Union of Journalists
Spyros Kapralos
Marton Szimitsek
Christos Polyzopoulos – President of the Confederation of Sport for Workers
Yannis Pyrgiotis
Martin Szimitsek

And the Executive Committee comprises 5 Members:

Chairman: Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki
Managing Director: Petros Synodinos

Spyros Kapralos
Marton Szimitsek
Costantinos Liaskas