Eight stages, 2 finals, 75 competitions, more than 80 days of clay and target shooting, hundreds of participants: these are the numbers of next year’s ISSF World Cup Series.

The calendar of the 2013 ISSF World Cup Series, kicking-off next March, has been released. More than 75 competitions, divided in 8 ISSF World Cup Stages and 2 World Cup Finals, will take place around the world from March till November, next year.

The next World Cup season will kick-off in Acapulco, Mexico, where the first ISSF World Cup Stage in Shotgun events will take place from the 15 through the 24 of March on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

The 2013 ISSF World Cup Series will then move on to Asia. Two ISSF World Cup Stages will take place in April: the first Rifle & Pistol World Cup Stage will be held Changwon, Korea, from the 2nd through the 10th, while the second Shotgun World Cup Stage will be organized in Al Ain, in the United Arab Emirates, from the 15th through the 24th.

From Asia back to America, and then to Europe. Two ISSF World Cups in Rifle and Pistol events will be staged there, in Fort Benning, USA (4-13 May) and Munich, Germany (23-30 May), while the third Shotgun World Cup Stage will be hosted in Cyprus, from the 8th through the 17th of June.

The fourth and last ISSF World Cup Stage, combined in Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun events, will be staged in Granada, Spain, from the 14th through the 23rd of July.

The season will then end up with the two finals, crowning the season’s champions. The 2013 ISSF World Cup Finals will be held in Abu Dhabi (UAE), where the Shotgun Finals will be hosted from the 21st to the 29th of October, and in Munich, Germany, where the Rifle & Pistol World Cup Final will take place from the 6 through the 12 of November.

ISSF Events Calendar
For a complete overview of next year’s ISSF activities and competitions, please check out the ISSF on-line calendar at: http://www.issf-sports.org/calendar.ashx

2013 ISSF Shotgun World Cup Stages:
1) Acapulco, Mexico. 15-24 March 2013
2) Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. 15-24 April 2013
3) Nicosia, Cyprus. 8-17 June 2013
4) Granada, Spain. 3-12 July 2013

2013 ISSF Rifle & Pistol World Cup Stages:
1) Changwon, Korea. 2-10 April 2013
2) Fort Benning, GA, USA. 4-13 May 2013
3) Munich, Germany. 23-30 May 2013
4) Granada, Spain. 3-12 July 2013

2013 ISSF World Cup Finals
Shotgun events: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 21-29 October 2013
Rifle & Pistol events: Munich, Germany. 6-12 November 2013

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