The Secretariat of the “Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Award” urged all sports institutions to speed up the submission of their files in order to participate in the competition’s for the 6th Edition of the Award. The award will be the biggest yet in the international sports industry considering the value of prizes and the variety of categories, not to mention its pioneering role in creative sports. All files should be submitted before the deadline, which is in 10 days.

Furthermore, the Secretariat mentioned the possibility of submitting candidates’ files through the award’s official email or through the award’s website Files can also be submitted at the award’s office at the headquarters of Dubai Sports Council in Jadaff area, Dubai, where a group of employees were appointed to follow files receipt from all candidates, and ensure all required documents are well provided and eligible. The Secretariat will also stop receiving files of candidates such as athletes and sports institutions working in the creative sports field, no later than Sunday, August 31st, a date which has been announced since the beginning of the award’s registration on April, 1st. 

The Secretariat continued receiving files for some individual or group categories in creative sports, which are the following: Individual Creative Sports Category is awarded to athletes, coaches, administrators and referees, from the United Arab Emirates and the Arab World, who have achieved regional and global sports creativity; Team Creative Sports Category is awarded to teams from the United Arab Emirates and the Arab World who have achieved regional and global sports creativity; Corporate Creative Sports Category is awarded to sports bodies from the United Arab Emirates and the Arab World, which have achieved regional and global sports creativity, as well as International Sports Federations, which have taken ​​pioneering initiatives in spreading and developing sports.

The Secretariat was connected to the sports sector in the United Arab Emirates through the annual meeting held with clubs, sports federations and institutions representatives, where it distributed technical regulations and publications involving all information about participating. In addition, the Secretariat sent invitations to sports institutions and met with officials to provide competition for the award categories. Meetings were also held with Arab and international sports officials during seminars and sports tournaments which involved the award. The Secretariat even sent official invitations to encourage all bodies to participate and provided them with all necessary information to complete their files and present their achievements in the best possible way. 

Until this date, the award’s Secretariat received several files from the United Arab Emirates and Arab countries submitted by athletes, sports institutions, as well as a number of international sports federations which have presented their files before the deadline since they are not participating in championships or competitions during the next month. Athletes and sports institutions which participated in events that lasted until the summer should finalize and deliver their files within the next 10 days, in order not to lose their right to compete at the award’s 6th Edition which is set to held the Awarding Ceremony on 14th January 2015, to honor the winners in all categories. 

It is important to mention that the award’s Board of Trustees limited this year’s participation, in all three categories, the achievements must be completed during the period from 1st September 2013 till 31st of August 2014. The award’s rules indicate that the Board of Trustees has the authority to offer the award of discretionary categories to figures and sports institutions supporting sports in various fields. 

During September, the Award’s team will classify all files according to the categories and will prepare them for the jury of the Award which will start examining candidatures in October, through the electronic arbitration system implemented by the Award. Members of the jury are specialized and experienced individuals from the United Arab Emirates and the Arab World, each file is examined by two members whose nationalities differ from the nationality of the candidate to ensure objectivity and transparency.