The Sports Administration, Ministry of Education (MOE) held the 2022 ASPN Virtual Roundtable Meeting on June 9, 2022. Sports officials, representatives of international sports organizations, and experts in the field of sports from 9 APEC economies took part, sharing the application experience of the promotion of digitization in the pandemic period, sports innovation human resources development, and other related practical experience.

APEC Sports Policy Network (ASPN) was initiated by Taiwan in 2016 and is a platform for sports industry-government-academia information exchange. Over the past 6 years, 8 large international meetings have been held. Despite the effects of the pandemic, it continues to serve as an important channel for international exchange and has received high affirmation from the various economies of APEC.

This meeting centered on sharing best practice, inviting ASPN members from Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand to share on the topics of “Sporting Events X COVID-19” and “Capability Building X Sports Innovation”. The Department of International and Cross-strait Education, MOE was also invited to share APEC’s priority areas this year and the latest trends and directions of Education Network (EDNET).

Lin Teng-chiao, the Administrative Deputy Minister of Education and Interim Director-General of the Sports Administration, said that Taiwan’s sports exchange with various economies continues despite the impact of the pandemic and border control, and each economy continues to develop distinctive alternative sports events; sports digital and innovative technology cross-area application cases and execution experience was also shared in the meeting. Administrative Deputy Minister Lin welcomed the opportunity for mutual learning provided by the meeting and looked forward to further cooperation with other economies in the future.