CAA Eleven, the agency that markets commercial rights to European soccer’s national teams competitions on behalf of continental governing body UEFA, is seeking companies to buy rights in Brazil to its new ‘Finalissima’ match, it has been reported.

The match, arranged by UEFA and the South American governing body CONMEBOL, pits the winners of the UEFA European Championship and South America’s equivalent Copa America against each other. For the inaugural edition, scheduled to take place on June 1 at Wembley Stadium in England, they are Italy and Argentina, respectively.

The Brazilian TV news outlet Notícias da TV reports that it has seen an invitation to negotiations for companies in the country including Globo, Disney, WarnerMedia, and various marketing agencies.

CAA Eleven is said to be offering rights for a minimum of $5 million.

According to Notícias da TV, whoever buys the package will also have rights to the second edition of the Finalissima in 2024 when the European Championship and Copa America both next take place.

Interest in the match and the price for rights would, of course, be higher were Brazil themselves competing in it, but there is expected to be interest nonetheless due to the novelty of the tie and the involvement of South American compatriots Argentina. There is also the potential for Brazil to be involved in the second edition.

Last month, UEFA announced that it was including the Finalissima in its National Team Football (UNTF) sponsorship program.