Golf Australia has announced that both its 2021 men’s and 2022 women’s Australian Open tournaments have been cancelled due to challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

It comes in response to the country’s strict travel regulations and its mandatory 14-day quarantine period on arrival.

The men’s 2021 tournament in Sydney had already undergone a delay from its original slot in November this year to late January or early February in 2022.

It is the second consecutive year that it has succumbed to Covid-19.

The women’s 2022 tournament, part of the LPGA Tour, was slated to take place in Adelaide in February.

It is understood that the country’s borders are unlikely to open to non-residents until early 2022, while the quarantine was putting off domestic players from returning to Australia from overseas.

James Sutherland, chief executive of Golf Australia, said: “The decision has not been made lightly but we believe it to be the right outcome under the current circumstances.

“The international element means shifting quarantine and travel restrictions wreak havoc on planning and, with our marquee players living abroad, the challenge is even greater.

“The pressure and risk on host venues and organisers is also high – these are small businesses who have already faced huge disruption due to the pandemic.”

Golf Australia has said it plans for both tournaments to return in the 2022-23 golf season.

It has also said that January's Australian PGA Championship in Brisbane and the men’s and women’s Vic Opens in February will still go ahead, despite the possibility that many domestic players will not be able to attend.