The global sports industry experienced a 9% drop in new job postings related to cybersecurity in Q3 2022 compared with the previous quarter, according to GlobalData’s whitepaper on Cybersecurity in Sports – Hiring Activity in Q3 2022. This compares to a 16% increase versus Q3 2021.

Notably, Software and Web Developers, Programmers, and Testers jobs accounted for a 14% share of the global sports industry’s cybersecurity-related total new job postings in Q3 2022, down 12% over the prior quarter.

Software and Web Developers, Programmers, and Testers drive cybersecurity-related hiring activity

Software and Web Developers, Programmers, and Testers, with a share of 14%, emerged as the top cybersecurity-related job roles within the sports industry in Q3 2022, with new job postings drop by 12% quarter-on-quarter. Computer and Information Analysts came in second with a share of 6% in Q3 2022, with new job postings drop by 13% over the previous quarter.

The other prominent cybersecurity roles include Database and Network Administrators and Architects with a 5% share in Q3 2022, Computer and Information Systems Managers with a 4% share of new job postings.

Top five companies in sports industry accounted for 5% of hiring activity

The top companies, in terms of number of new job postings tracked by GlobalData, as of Q3 2022 were Quest Diagnostics, Mercedes-Benz Group, JPMorgan Chase and US Bank. Together they accounted for a combined share of 5% of all cybersecurity-related active jobs in the sports industry.

Quest Diagnostics posted 2,705 cybersecurity-related new jobs in Q3 2022, Mercedes-Benz Group 2,662 jobs, JPMorgan Chase 2,493 jobs, and US Bank 1,751 jobs, according to GlobalData’s Job Analytics.

Hiring activity was driven by the US with a 48% share of total active job postings, Q3 2022

The largest share of cybersecurity-related new job postings in the sports industry in Q3 2022 was in the US with 48% followed by India (12%) and Germany (6%). The share represented by the US was one percentage point lower than the 49% share it accounted for in Q2 2022.