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30 Mar 2017
Rugby union is experiencing an unprecedented period of growth. Sportcal Insight analyses just how strong the sport’s growth has been and what it is doing to maintain and develop this momentum.
13 Dec 2016
Sponsorship and broadcast revenues at the DOSB, the German Olympics sports federation, have not risen as much as hoped since its formation 10 years ago, Alfons Hörmann, the body’s president, has admitted.
13 Dec 2016
Bobby Brittain, the outgoing marketing director of Coca-Cola in the UK, has claimed that the brand’s sponsorship of the Olympics puts it at a competitive disadvantage, going as far as to say the company’s Olympic sponsorship model “doesn’t function.”
02 Dec 2016
In a competitive soccer sponsorship landscape, the local knowledge that international offices can provide, notably in Asia, is becoming more important, according to Manuel Arroyo, the vice-president of FC Barcelona.
23 Nov 2016
McLaren, the prominent Formula 1 motor racing team, need to find new commercial partners, including a title sponsor, after three years without one, according to their new executive director Zak Brown.
05 Aug 2016
Nissan has insisted it was justified in deciding to sponsor the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro despite the economic downturn in Brazil that has impacted significantly on car sales.
20 Apr 2016
Sport and its governing bodies received another warning in the wake of last year’s “tsunami” of corruption and doping scandals, from Sir Martin Sorrell, founder and chief executive of WPP, the world’s largest advertising group.
06 Apr 2016
The growing influence of Chinese brands in mainstream international soccer look set to continue following the European Championships in France in 2016.
31 Mar 2016
Profits at WME-IMG are up more than 30 per cent year-on-year to $405 million for 2015, versus $303 million in 2014, the year in which the Hollywood talent agency WME acquired IMG, the international sports and entertainment company, a ‘company source’ has told Hollywood Reporter.
18 Mar 2016
SA Rugby, the governing body for rugby union in South Africa, today announced a group pre-tax surplus of R33.3 million ($2.2 million) for last year, up from R2.9 million the previous financial year.
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