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19 Jun 2019
A study on the 2018 ITU Multisport World Championships, held on the island of Fyn in Denmark, has demonstrated the significant tourism benefits that the event can generate for host cities as well as the strength of the combined concept, according to Sportcal, a UK-based market intelligence company.
17 Jun 2019
A process that began with seven bidders to host the 2026 winter Olympic Games has dwindled to just two: Stockholm-Åre in Sweden and Milan-Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy. Which has the momentum - and will we ever see such an Olympic bid race again?
13 Jun 2019
Nikita Herfet-Jones, part of the Motorsport Communications team at CSM Sport & Entertainment, takes a look at the evolving landscape of Formula 1 sponsorship, and the hidden inclusivity of the F1 Paddock.
12 Jun 2019
‘Change is the status quo’ in the sports and media industries and ‘disruption is the new normal’, a new report claims. So how can companies adapt?
06 Jun 2019
A recent announcement by Endeavor, owner of IMG, that it is proceeding with a long-awaited IPO has provoked a backlash from some commentators. Do they have a point?
04 Jun 2019
The Spanish television landscape has evolved considerably over the last five years, a trend that looks set to continue due to the rapid developments in technology, changes in consumer habits and increased convergence in the telecommunications and audio-visual sector.
30 May 2019
Russia's hosting of the 2018 FIFA World Cup was found to be the most impactful sporting event of the year, scoring 8,223 points.
30 May 2019
Harry Eckersley, part of the Central Marketing team at CSM Sport & Entertainment, takes a look at a big year for English cricket.
30 May 2019
Women’s soccer is at a tipping point and 2019 could be the year it realises its full potential, with the forthcoming Fifa Women’s World Cup being considered by many to be a watershed moment.
23 May 2019
The European club basketball competition landscape is complicated, with teams split into multiple tournaments, but the differing structures could provide food for thought for European soccer, as it considers changes to the Uefa Champions League.
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