Uefa.com, the official UEFA website has launched a new service for journalists providing the full range of media information directly from the website homepage.

The site relaunch is yet another initiative from UEFA to bring media-specific content – from media releases, press kits and general news – directly to the working journalist in the quickest way possible. The move has also resulted in a change in the web site address. Therefore, all those currently accessing the information via the uefamedia.com site, will be automatically redirected through to the new non-password-protected service.

‘This is an important addition to the services provided by uefa.com, and a sign of our determination to continuously improve the website and develop our channels of communication,’ said Mike Lee, UEFA’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs. ‘We want uefa.com to be the first port of call for all those who want up-to-the-minute information about UEFA and its competitions, including our colleagues in the media.’

For Further Information Please Contact:

Massimo Gonnella
Uefa Press Office
Tel: +41 22 994 4559
Fax: +41 22 994 3737