Nominations for the IBF Presidential, Vice-Presidential and Council elections closed at midnight on Friday, 2 February, and IBF have released the list of candidates for the vacant positions.

This is the first time in the history of the Federation that the Presidency has been contested. Elections will take place on Sunday, June 3 at the IBF’s Annual General Meeting in Seville, Spain, in conjunction with the World Championships.

The new President, who will replace IOC Member Mme Lu Shengrong of China after her eight year term, will be elected by the 141 full member associations of the IBF.

Nominations are as follows:

HM, the Sultan of Brunei
Drs Justian Suhandinata
Mr Korn Dabbaransi

Vice-President (2 vacant positions)
Jeff Robson
Punch Gunalan

Council (6 vacant positions)
Raj Gaya (MRI)
Kim Hak Suk (KOR)
Dr Mya Lay Sein (MYN)
Paisan Rangsikitpho (USA)
Martijn van Dooremalen (NED)
Joseph Clarke (JAM)
Jean Brunet (FRA)

Continental Representatives (2 vacant positions)
Torsten Berg (Europe)
Cedric Baxter (Oceania)

For further information, please contact:

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International Badminton Federation
Marketing & Press Officer
Tel: +44 1242 23 49 04
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