Société Générale and have discovered the Milan-based Tennis Tournament by using SponsorClick’s matchmaking facility.

‘Its has been quite easy for them to spot the right partner’ comments Roland Giscard d’Estaing, Chief Strategic Officer at SponsorClick. ‘They had very precise criteria in mind from a marketing viewpoint, although they had no preference for a given sport. Our search engine surfaced 9 matching opportunities amongst an existing base of 2,000; 2 were short-listed and, after a quick review, the Milan ATP Tour 2001 made the deal!’.

It is interesting to note that for the very first time an agency (Media VIP, representing the tournament) successfully sold a sponsorship package through a new commercialisation channel: the Internet. And this is all made possible by the power of the Web, which allows to aggregate qualified information about sponsorship seekers and to facilitate access by sponsors.

SponsorClick is the global sponsorship marketplace. It was launched in October 2000 and covers 5 major European countries plus the US and Canada. More than 2000 sponsorship seekers, 100 sponsors and 20 agencies have registered and use it to build powerful partnerships.

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