The SRU is looking to offer financial assistance to clubs who have been badly affected by the outbreak of foot and mouth disease and the wintry weather.

Financial Director Graham Ireland said ‘In the club game the fixtures backlog caused by the wintry weather has now been compounded by an increasing number of fixtures falling victim to foot and mouth disease.

‘Each lost fixture means lost revenue to the home club and further pressure on the bank overdraft.

‘In recognition of this, and despite the financial constraints imposed on the Union by the postponement of the Scotland v Ireland game (now rescheduled for Saturday 12 May), the SRU is prepared, in exceptional cases, to advance clubs a proportion of the position based accreditation payment they would be entitled to for season 2001-2002.’

Any club wishing to take up this offer should contact their SRU District Representative or Domestic Game Manager, John Thorburn.

For further information please contact:

Graham Law
0131 346 5164