The Commission of the OCOG Athens 2004 responsible for the negotiation of the Tender for Services related to the Broadcasting of the 2004 Olympic Games (OBO), according to the terms of the Request for Proposals (RfP), unanimously proclaimed as ‘Preferred Participant’ the company International Sports Broadcasting (ISB).

The proposal of the abovementioned company was judged to be technically superior (a judgment which had already been reached independently by the IOC Panel of Experts, made up of representatives of the most important Broadcasting Rights Holders of the 2004 Olympics), while its financial proposal was significantly lower than that of the other candidate European Broadcasting Consortium (EBC).

The representatives of ISB were invited to begin negotiations on 09/11/2000, in order to finalize the Contract’s terms.

Upon completion of the negotiations, the contract will be submitted for approval by the 17-member Board of Directors of ATHOC.

Before the signing of the Contract, it will also be approved, as is provided in the Company’s Founding Charter, by the Three-Member Auditing Committee, which is comprised of independent judges to the State Audit Council.

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