Benfield Sports International have announced the postponement of the inaugural Australian Grand Prix due to take place on March 10th 2001.

Chief Executive John Postlethwaite commented, ‘My company has done everything to try and make this happen, however there continues to be hurdles put in front of us just 3 months before the event and time has run out. I feel sure that we will be able to go ahead in 2002, however we need all people, local government, the local federation and promoters pulling in the same direction to be able to achieve this.

‘I am very disappointed, however I will ensure that we still have 7 Grands Prix in 2001 to honour my commitments to the riders and broadcasters. I plan to announce the seventh venue before Christmas 2000.

‘I particularly feel for the Aussie boys who I know are desperate to have a Grand Prix down under, but perhaps people will now realise that we are not willing to do anything at any cost just because we set ourselves an ambitious objective.’

The 2001 calendar remains a dramatically improved series from 2000 with the addition of Berlin in Germany, the Olympic Stadion in Stockholm and the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

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07th December 2000