The FIG Council will convene in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne (SUI) April 11 – 12. The 44 member Council was established at the Congress of Marrakech in November 2000 through the impetus given by FIG President and IOC member Bruno Grandi (ITA). The Council’s primary goal is to act as a flexible and efficient modern management tool. It will convene for the first time, taking decisions that will profoundly affect the Federation’s future.

The competition format is among issues subject to vote by the delegates from 5 continents. In order to meet consistent demands by large television networks and the public, gymnastics will have to modify the structure of its championships or risk losing coverage and spectators and thus suffer a decrease in viewers. Modifications include both content and format. Too long and too complicated, the sport continues to miss out on its traditional public’s attention as well as the interest of the new generation.

A few examples selected from among proposed changes are: World Championships and the Olympic Games should maintain an identical and recognisable format; the All Around Competition should be split into two groups, each with 16 gymnasts: top gymnasts in the same group, the best of whom would enter the scene at the end; seeding rather than draw is proposed for finals; team events (finals): 8 teams of 6 gymnasts, 3 compete and 3 results count.

These and other proposals, subject to FIG Council approval, already have been discussed and are proposed by the Executive Committee.

Decision on April 12.

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