A series of proposals regarding the international transfer of footballers is to be delivered next Tuesday to the European Commission in Brussels.

This follows today’s final round of discussions in Zurich of the FIFA/UEFA Working Group containing representatives of the world and European football bodies, together with delegates from leagues and national associations, and chaired by the FIFA President, Joseph S. Blatter.

It is also intended that a delegation headed by Per Ravn Omdal (Norway), a member of the FIFA and UEFA Executive Committees and leader of the Task Force that had drafted the document over the past few weeks, accompanied by the two General Secretaries, Michel Zen-Ruffinen (FIFA) and Gerhard Aigner (UEFA), will deliver the document.

The final detailed text will be edited on Monday and will cover key issues that have figured in the discussions of the past few months. These aim above all to bring stability to the situation concerning the movement of players between clubs, to reward those clubs investing in developing young players, and distributing benefits in order to maintain equality between smaller and larger clubs. They include in particular the following points:

  • A minimum age of 18 for players being transferred internationally
  • Compensation for clubs forming players at the start of their careers
  • Respect for contracts for a minimum period except when all three parties involved (the player and the buying and selling clubs) agree otherwise
  • A player may not be transferred more than once in a 12-month period
  • Two transfer window periods a year
  • It was also acknowledged that there would need to be a period of transition, to be fixed, before the full implementation of the new regulations and during which current existing contracts would be upheld.

    Friday’s discussion took place in the absence of representatives of the international footballers’ union, FIFPro. ‘We are very disappointed that the players’ representatives chose not to attend,’ said President Blatter, ‘but we continue to be ready to pursue the dialogue with them.’

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