The Foundation Top Badminton from the Netherlands has signed a contract with Rutac, sport and events from 1.500.000 Dutch guilders!

The commercial rights of all Dutch Badminton Events and the internet are now owned by Rutac b.v. for 5 years.

Rutac is a new company which is buying all kinds of commercial rights of sports- and music events in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Badminton Association put all the rights of all the events in the Foundation Top Badminton 1,5 year ago.

Rutac b.v. was already the name sponsor of the Dutch Open (Rutac Holland Plaza Open 2000) and the Europe Cup (Rutac Europe Cup 2000)

Next year the Dutch Open (Rutac Holland Sport Plaza 2001) will be organised in Eindhoven together with other sports!

For more information:
Rutac b.v. + 31 30 63 0 1404