Guangdong Province has always been standing at the cusp of great times of China, witnessed Chinese modern history of profound transition: from Burning of Opium Stocks in Humen Beach, to Opium War, Self-Strengthening Movement; Guangdong is also the cradle of great minds that kindled folk’s wisdom: from Kang Youwei’s “Humble Cottage”, to Whampoa Military Academy and Guangdong Revolutionary Government; Guangdong was at the forefront of the reform and opening-up policy, having started with 3 initial special economic zones, then became an open coastal province. Guangdong Province has now formed a new layout of all-round opening-up to the world.


Pioneer Sports will host China Football Summit 2017 in June 1-2 in Guangzhou. We bring together decision makers and senior executives in global football community, acting as a platform where Chinese football businesses can learn from international mature markets, and in turn, help international football businesses gain better understanding toward Chinese football exploring new opportunities by joining hands. CFS focuses on the whole value chain of Chinese football, the breakdown of attendees is multiple sectors, including local and international player agents, clubs, associations, youth-training institution, sponsoring brands, capitals, consulting & law firms, sports data companies, football gear manufactures, sports marketing groups, medias and etc.


Guangdong plays a leading and pioneering role in modern Chinese football. June of 1954 marked the establishment of the first professional football team of Guangzhou, named Zhongnan Team, thus Guangzhou became the first city in China that set up a municipal professional team. As time went by, throughout the years in Jia A League, Jia B league and Super League, after the match fixing scandal, Guangdong football rose again and returned to CSL. Guangdong team is the first one that won championship just one year after escalated to top league with a track record of 6 championship titles. And Guangzhou Evergrande FC took totally 2 championship titles of AFC Championships League in 2013 and 2015, made its ambitious goal of “Winning 2 championships in 3 years” come true. Evergrande FC is now Asia-famous, known to every corner of China. Another team Guangzhou R&F FC, as a younger team in Guangzhou, through years of plowing, is keeping up with its local “elder brother”. It is not only in neck and neck with Evergrande FC in derby games, but even ranks first in CSL standings taking the place of Evergrande. And Guangdong is also home to other teams in League 1 like Shenzhen Football Club, Meizhou Hakka Football Club. Shenzhen Football Club didn’t even lose one gain in this season, topping the standing list with strong momentum to upgrade to CSL. 


People in Guangdong who pursue their careers in football spare no effort to win on field and contribute to youth training off field in a humble hands-on way. Among a list of national trial youth-football-featured schools and counties issued by Ministry of Education in 2015, Guangdong makes up 284 of them. Guangdong is also making its 10 year planning for football development, according to which it is projected to set up 1,000 youth-football-featured schools and 4,000 youth level teams of 100,000 young players, form a structure of 3 levels of provincial youth football league. Besides numerous grass root football schools, Guangzhou is also home to other more professional high caliber schools like Real Madrid Evergrande Football School and R&F Soccer School with sound software and hardware facilities and advanced teaching systems which help realize football dreams of each student.


In 2016, the value of CSL ranks first in terms of value growth in the world; CSL revenue totals CNY 1.5 billion; Revenue from media rights jumped by 12 times compared to last season; It still holds No.1 position in Asia with total attendance of 5.8 million; CSL broke the records during 2016 super players recruitment in terms of scale, salary or bonus investment; China is facing an unprecedented era of football booms. China Football Summit 2017 will unfold: “The changes of China National Team brought by Lippi”, “The construction of Guangzhou Football Town”, “How Chinese clubs drawing lessons from international ones”, ”Is it rational investment or just people following suit with back-to-back mergers and acquisitions on foreign assets by Chinese capitals?” We will probe into China Football tremendous business opportunities with you.

Extraordinary traditions, honorable history and intense football atmosphere make Guangzhou a splendid place to convene the third China Football Summit where people can hear insights of senior executives and scholars, discuss the future of Chinese football, explore business opportunities across the continent. It’s your unmissable chance to stay up close to China football marketplace. Let’s meet up in Guangzhou!

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