ABSTRACT: Pioneer Sports will host China Football Summit 2017 in June 1-2 in Guangzhou. China Football Summit 2017 will be the 3rd one of China Football Summit Series as the only event focusing on the development and outlook of Chinese whole football industrial chain. Bring together decision makers and senior executives in global football community, acting as a platform where Chinese football businesses can learn from international mature markets, and in turn, help international football businesses gain better understanding toward Chinese football exploring new opportunities by joining hands.


Recently, 2018 World Cup Russia Sales Launch Ceremony unveiled the official hospitality program for the Greater China Region in Beijing, China. 2018 World Cup is right around the corner. Before this, the news that China will bid for World Cup has been widely discussed.


Earlier this month, a Chinese media leaked that China Football Association (CFA) had formed a formal report to bid for 2034 World Cup. However, China Football Association denied this report sooner after. Later on, the announcement of Mr. Zhang Jian as one member of FIFA Council raised up the topic again. Based on the analysis from CCTV 5, there was a great chance for China’s bid. China may be able to host 2030 World Cup, with the fact that South Korea brings up a co-hosting bid.

Why does World Cup attract so much attention in China and Chinese are becoming passionate about it? The reason is that rapid development of Economy creates more and more needs on culture and sports industry. As a prevalent sport, football is, of course, the target. After General Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China released a document to develop football throughout the whole nation, China Football is getting its golden age of development. In 2016, the value of CSL ranks first in terms of value growth in the world; CSL revenue totals CNY 1.5 billion, which ranked first in Asia.  Regretfully the National team has been falling short of people’s expectations. Back in time, it was in 2002 that China National Football team qualified for the World Cup, which elicits more desire of fans to see the team at World Cup in the near future. 


Success never happens overnight. China Football should play its ace in FIFA World Cup qualification so that they can show up in front of the world. It needs more talents and professionals to work on it. Organized by Pioneer Sports, China Football Summit is the one, which focuses on football not only in China, but even all over the world. It brings together the brightest minds in football industry. China Football Summit will be the 3rd one of China Football Summit Series as the only event focusing on the development and outlook of Chinese whole football industrial chain. Besides the expected speeches of original insights by many senior football professionals and experts, the conference will set up few networking sessions like one VIP welcome dinner, panel discussions, one cocktail party, post-conference site tour on Real Madrid Evergrande Football School in assisting attendees to comprehensively understand the status quo of China football and jointly discuss cooperative possibilities and get them settled.


China Football Summit 2017 will be located in “the Ram City” — Guangzhou, China. CFS will address various topics: " LANDSCAPE OF CHINA’S FOOTBALL INDUSTRY: STRATEGIES, FUTURE PLANS ETC "," INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES AFTER CHINA’S BOOMING: PROFESSIONAL ROUNDS, INDUSTRY DEVELOPEMENT POTENTIAL "," CHINA FOOTBALL SECTOR: FOOTBALL PROJECTS, CAMPUS ETC". During the session called "LANDSCAPE OF CHINA’S FOOTBALL INDUSTRY", one speaker will talk about a topic entitled "China: the New Eldorado of Football?" Also, Japanese football will be an eye opener to the event.

In corresponding to the feature topic of youth training, through multilateral negotiations, attendees will have the chance to make a post-conference tour on Real Madrid Evergrande Football School, see on the spot the forefront of the work of China's football youth training, learn fruitful achievements made recently. Evergrande Holdings will also be part of the event, odds are one or two senior executives will attend. China Football Summit 2017 will be a key step to explore immense opportunities in Chinese youth football market. Last but not least, it will also be the key to create a fascinating future with peers in this industry. It is less than two weeks left to the Summit, this will be the last chance for you to talk to the brilliant people from all over the world and learn from each other. Bring your colleagues and get 5% group discount. Let’s meet up in Guangzhou at China Football Summit 2017!

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