Chilli Television – a youth and sports lifestyle TV production company, fired up Sportel by winning the ‘Golden Podium Award’ for the Best Slow Motion Sequence: Isolated Camera Shot.

The programme ‘O’Neill Deep Jungle Surfing’ was filmed in Sumatra, Indonesia and directed by Adam Kaleta, with cameraman Duncan Telford. It was the ramped shot of surfer Gary Elkerton, with palm trees in the background, which captured the imagination of the judges. The sequence was shot on Super 16mm Arri 3 and lasts 1min 40secs.

The programme was originally made as a 24 minute TV show, to be transmitted on Channel 4. The team were so pleased with the action footage that they decided to include it as a feature for Chilli Factor, an intelligent weekly freesports show transmitted on Rapture. A video version was also made for Chilli Video.

Chilli Television has successfully hit the demand for youth and lifestyle television by catering to a sophisticated young audience. It has recently been commissioned by Channel 4 to produce Mountain Bike Britain, – 6×1/2 hour which will air next month. Channel 4 has also commissioned a one-off lifestyle windsurfing show – the West Ireland Wave Grand Prix – transmitted 21st October, and UK Supercross 2000, a 8×1/2 hour series, which will be broadcast early in the New Year.

‘We are delighted that or production quality has been recognised in this way, we were runner up last year,’ says Simon Wells, Head of Chilli Television.

Chilli Television is part of Sportsworld Media Group plc, the sports entertainment and media services company, has offices in London, Sydney, Melbourne, LA, Toronto, Dubai and Biarritz.

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