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Olympics - 12 Nov 2003
Visa International and Turismo Torino today announced a three-year global alliance to promote Torino worldwide as a key travel destination and showcase Visa's sponsorship of the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Italy. Visa also will be the Preferred Card of Turismo Torino as a result of this alliance which will run through December 2006.
Olympics - 07 Oct 2003
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Xerox Corporation today announced that their worldwide sponsorship agreement would not be extended when it is due for renewal in December 2004.
Olympics - 11 Sep 2003
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 10, 2003--The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) announced today that it will work with GSD&M Advertising, based in Austin, Texas, to create a branding platform to promote the 2004 U.S. Olympic Team.
Olympics - 01 Sep 2003
The Marketing Programme for the 2008 Olympic Games was launched today in Beijing by IOC President Jacques Rogge and representatives of the city of Beijing and the Organising Committee for the 2008 Olympic Games (BOCOG). The marketing launch, attended by more than 600 Chinese and international business leaders, officials, potential sponsors and media, was staged to outline the benefits of Olympic sponsorship and explain the opportunities that exist to support the 2008 Olympic Games.
Olympics - 13 Aug 2003
A year out from the Opening Ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games, the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) signed a million dollar agreement with Orca, the sportswear company, to design and outfit the New Zealand team.
Olympics - 28 Jul 2003
The ATHENS 2004 Anti-Piracy Programme has succeeded once more. The Programme aims to protect the market and Greek consumers from counterfeit Olympic Products.
Olympics - 23 Jul 2003
London, 22 July 2003 — Visa EU today announced the launch of 'Team Visa' - an integrated national sponsorship programme across a number of markets in Europe that combines the popularity and appeal of famous Olympic greats (‘Olympic Mentors’) with the positive influence they will have on the up and coming Olympic and Paralympic stars (Olympic 'Hopefuls'). This is an expansion of Visa’s commitment to the Olympic Movement, National Olympic Committees and national teams, which has been an importan
Olympics - 14 Jul 2003
The Italian company Mondo SpA. was proclaimed Official Provider of the Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games for the Track and Field Surfaces and Equipment of the Olympic Stadium (ÏÁÊÁ) and the Volleyball Surfaces for the Peace and Friendship Stadium. Athens 2004 Executive Director and COO Marton Simitsek and Mondo SpA President Fernando Stroppiana signed the contract today at the Athens 2004 headquarters.
Olympics - 08 Apr 2003
Eastman Kodak Company’s European, African and Middle Eastern Region has appointed Ketchum London to exploit its sponsorship of the Olympic Games in Athens next year. The pan-European programmes will roll out immediately across all of Kodak’s European, African and Middle Eastern markets.
Olympics - 21 Mar 2003
As from today, Olympic Airways (OA) is ATHENS 2004 eighth Grand Sponsor. ATHENS 2004 President Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki and Olympic Airways President Dionysis Kalophonos signed the agreement, with Transport Minister Christos Verelis in attendance.
Olympics - 19 Mar 2003
The Organising Committee for the XX Olympic Winter Games – Torino 2006 (TOROC) has signed a sponsorship agreement with Sanpaolo IMI S.p.a. and Fiat S.p.a.
Olympics - 22 Jan 2003
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is pleased to announce a long-term, strategic partnership between the Olympic Movement and Schenker AG, one of the world's leading providers of land transport and air and sea freight.
Olympics - 28 Nov 2002
The TOROC Board of Directors met at Lingotto today, chaired by Valentino Castellani. The Board approved the budget for 2003.
Olympics - 28 Nov 2002
The ATHENS 2004 Ticketing Strategy and pricing policy was presented today by ATHOC and approved by the International Olympic Committee’s Executive Board. The IOC Executive Board is meeting in Mexico City, Mexico, and the ATHOC presentation of the plan was made via video-conference.
Olympics - 25 Nov 2002
The Coca-Cola Company today announced it has renewed its sponsorship of Special Olympics Inc. through 2005.
Olympics - 12 Nov 2002
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today announced its first Olympic Partner to lend support until 2012, with the news that Visa International has extended its global sponsorship agreement until the Games of the XXX Olympiad. Visa is the eighth Partner to renew its Olympic backing as part of The Olympic Partner (TOP) programme, joining global Olympic partners Coca-Cola, Kodak, John Hancock, Schlumberger, Swatch, Panasonic and Samsung.
Olympics - 04 Nov 2002
The United States Olympic Committee announced today that it has signed an agreement with Swatch Group Ltd. to be the official sponsor and supplier of the 2004, 2006 and 2008 U.S. Olympic Teams and the 2003 and 2007 U.S. Pan American Games Teams in the category of timekeeping.
Olympics - 31 Oct 2002
In Lausanne yesterday [29 October] IBF Vice-President Tom Bacher and Chief Executive Neil Cameron met with IOC President Jacques Rogge and Olivier Lenglet of the IOC Sports Department.
Olympics - 28 Oct 2002
Coca-Cola Nederland and NOC*NSF [The Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation] signed a two-year contract today to promote youth participation in sports.
Olympics - 01 Oct 2002
ESPN Classic Sport and the Olympic Television Archive Bureau have reached a new seven-year agreement that grants ESPN Classic Sport complete European rights to more than 20,000 hours of summer and winter Olympics footage including official films, television feeds, newsreel footage, and stills. The agreement, which covers material dating from the 1896 Games in Athens to Sydney 2000, was announced today by Roch Pellerin, managing director, ESPN Classic Sport and Michael Payne, marketing director
Olympics - 29 Aug 2002
An all-embracing presentation on Olympic preparations, made by ATHENS 2004 to the representatives of the International Sports Federations of Summer Olympic Games (ASOIF) at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, was well-received by all concerned.
Olympics - 27 Aug 2002
IIHF President and IOC member René Fasel was elected as President of the International Olympic Winter Sport Federation (AIOWF) on Monday, August 26, 2002 in Lausanne, Switzerland. René Fasel defeated co-runner Gian Franco Kasper four votes to three.
Olympics - 09 Aug 2002
One year after awarding the 2008 Olympic Games to Beijing, a delegation from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has visited the Chinese capital to meet the Beijing Organising Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG), Government Ministers and officials, to track the progress of preparations.
Olympics - 07 Aug 2002
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced today that Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. Ltd (MEI) has renewed its worldwide Olympic sponsorship continuing through to the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin in 2006 and the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing in 2008.
Olympics - 26 Jul 2002
ATHENS 2004 announced Shell as an Official Supporter in the category of Petroleum Products. Shell's sponsorship consists of a sum of EUR5.56 million in cash, plus provision of fuelling stations at the ATHENS 2004 bus depots, servicing the Organising Committee's bus fleet during Games-time.
Olympics - 22 Jul 2002
A cooperation agreement was signed yesterday afternoon between ATHENS 2004 and the National Tourist Organisation of Greece at the ATHENS 2004 headquarters. The agreement involves a joint programme for the promotion and marketing of the 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Olympics - 15 Jul 2002
One of the biggest challenges likely to face the Olympic Movement - that of reducing the cost and complexity of the Olympic Games - has been addressed at a two day meeting (12th and 13th July) at the International Olympic Committee headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Olympics - 29 May 2002
Businesses in Athens, Greece – and visitors to the Olympic City – are the target of a new advertising service launched by Around the Rings, the world's leading publication following the business of international sport.
Olympics - 29 May 2002
Businesses in Athens, Greece – and visitors to the Olympic City – are the target of a new advertising service launched by Around the Rings, the world's leading publication following the business of international sport.
Olympics - 29 Apr 2002
VISA will be the official credit card at the Athens Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2004. VISA is an International Top Sponsor of the Olympic Games. The agreement was signed today between the President of VISA-EU, Hans Van der Velde and ATHENS 2004 President, Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki.
Olympics - 05 Apr 2002
The 8th IOC Coordination Commission meetings concluded this morning. I wish to thank President, Denis Oswald, for his leadership and support. During these workgroups we have thoroughly presented the status of our preparations to the IOC and showed concrete progress. Of course, with just a little more than two years before the opening ceremony, and test events beginning this August in sailing, there is no time to lose.
Olympics - 05 Feb 2002
'The Athens Olympic preparations are proceeding well, but time is tight and we can not afford to loose a day', stressed ATHENS 2004 President, Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki during her address to the IOC General Assembly in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Olympics - 31 Jan 2002
A Production and Marketing Agreement for ATHENS 2004 official licensed merchandise was signed by the publishing consortium which assumed the contract for the Publications category.
Olympics - 28 Jan 2002
International Hockey Federation (FIH) President, and International Olympic Committee (IOC) member, Mrs. Els van Breda Vriesman has been appointed a member of the IOC Coordination Commission for the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad in Athens 2004.
Olympics - 25 Jan 2002
ATHENS 2004 President, Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki met in Athens on 23 and 24 January with Interpol Secretary General, Ron Noble. Mrs Angelopoulos and Mr Noble discussed issues relating to security and the 2004 Olympic Games.
Olympics - 25 Jan 2002
THE INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE(IOC) has revealed that the BOA Chairman Craig Reedie will serve on the Coordination Commission for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and on the IOC Marketing Commission.
Olympics - 21 Jan 2002
The World Olympians Association has laid the plans for an innovative WOA Olympians Reunion Center at the Salt Lake City Games designed to offer Olympians an alternative in life after the finish line.
Olympics - 14 Jan 2002
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) announced today that it has reached an agreement with SES AMERICOM for the use of satellite capacity to support the forthcoming television coverage of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.
Olympics - 13 Dec 2001
Olympic broadcast partners have indicated that the 2002 Salt Lake Games could set new records for worldwide TV viewing of an Olympic Winter Games.
Olympics - 10 Dec 2001
Mr. Philip Craven from Great Britain was elected the new president of the International Paralympic Committee today at the IPC General Assembly held in Athens, Greece.
Olympics - 25 Oct 2001
The President of the ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, Executive Director Marton Simitsek and the Marketing team briefed the Grand National Sponsors’ top management on the progress in the preparation for the Olympic Games and the development of the sponsoring programme.
Olympics - 16 Oct 2001
The Hellenic Post (ELTA) has been proclaimed Grand National Sponsor of the Athens 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games in the Postal and Courier Services category. This is a sponsorship of great importance to Athen 2004, providing for monetary amounts and services up to a minimum of 4 billion GRD (10,651,300 USD), 2 billion in cash and 2 billion in kind.
Olympics - 08 Oct 2001
The Steering Committee of the Athens 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games ratified the results of the tenders for four more of the 35 licensed product categories, including publications featuring the Athens 2004 registered trademarks, for the period 2002-2004.
Olympics - 28 Sep 2001
The timely construction of transportation infrastructure and sports venues again emerged as the top concern of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission for the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad following its three-day review of preparations for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.
Olympics - 11 Sep 2001
Án agreement for licensed merchandise ATHENS 2004, was reached today in New York between the ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), following negotiations between the ATHENS 2004 Executive Director Marton Simitsek and George Bolos, General Manager, Marketing, with representatives of the relevant departments of USOC.
Olympics - 31 Aug 2001
The Steering Committee of the ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games today ratified the results of the tenders for 16 of the 35 Olympic product categories that will be on the market with the ÁTHENS 2004 registered trade marks. All 16 contractors are Greek companies or consortiums.
Olympics - 22 Aug 2001
Today, the Athens 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games paid the Hellenic Olympic Committee the sum of three million US Dollars (3,000,000 USD) deriving from the Athens 2004’s sponsorship programme’s revenues.
Olympics - 04 Jul 2001
Athens 2004 today announced that HYUNDAI HELLAS company has been selected as the 6th Grand National Sponsor for the 2004 Olympic Games, a development which means that it has already covered 100 percent of its original goal in terms of sponsorship revenue - with just 6 of the 40 categories of sponsors selected.
Olympics - 03 Jul 2001
'By organising the Paralympic Games, Athens can make history, and will make history'. This is the statement made by the President of the ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki to the members of the Liaison Committee of the International Paralympic Committee, on their visit to ATHENS 2004.
Olympics - 07 Jun 2001
The First Conference of Sponsors for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games began its deliberations yesterday an Athens hotel, with the participation of both national and international sponsors, executives of ATHENS 2004 and members of the IOC marketing department.
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