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Sportcal is the essential resource for anyone in the business of sport.  We have been at the forefront of sports market news, data, analysis and insight for over 22 years.  

Sportcal is the most comprehensive provider of sports market intelligence worldwide. Our product suite includes; News, Calendar, Directory, Media, Sponsorship, Events and Bidding.  We also publish a quarterly magazine and a range of publications. Once you have access to Sportcal you will never want to be without it. Over 95% of our clients renew every year.

Sportcal is also the lead partner of the Global Sports Impact project. Impact aims to create an internationally accepted methodology for measuring the impact of sports events across the globe.  

Sportcal will give you and your business a competitive edge, reduce your research time and ultimately make you money. We help our clients to stay ahead of the game.



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