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The Danes Wish to Bring All of Europe to Giro-Start
Giro d’Italia host cities, Herning and Horsens, launch large-scale campaign to attract bike tourists when the World’s Toughest Race visits Denmark on May 5th - 7th.

All eyes will be pointed towards Denmark and the start of Giro d’Italia on May 5th - 7th, when the World’s Toughest Race gets its northernmost start ever. Stage 1-3 will take place in the Danish cities Herning and Horsens. The Danes are using this opportunity to draw attention to their country as an ideal place for a bike vacation and invites bike tourists to Denmark to attend the start of Giro d’Italia.

“We have just launched an extensive campaign to inform European bike enthusiasts of the upcoming Giro d’Italia start in Denmark. Throughout the entire campaign, the banners are supported by targeted and specific communication. Furthermore, in collaboration with VisitDenmark, press events have been arranged in Germany, The Netherlands and Norway. The goal is to have thousands of international tourists visit Denmark during Giro d’Italia on May 5th - 7th”, says Alex Pedersen, vicepresident of the local Giro-Start 2012 committee.

The Giro-organisers in Denmark will run campaigns in Poland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden, where banners will rotate on selected cycling related websites. Aside from targeting the general population who will want to see Giro d’Italia up-close, Giro-Start 2012 also targets amateur bike enthusiasts who might like to participate in one or more of the amateur bike races allowing them to ride on the Giro-routes.

Going by the name Cycling For All, the organisers will launch two amateur road bike races. The first one will be in Herning on May 5th and the second in Horsens on May 6th. Furthermore, a mountain bike race will take place in Horsens on May 4th. The race, Horsens MTB Prison Break will start and finish in the former state prison “FÆNGSLET”.

“We have the opportunity to offer our guests a unique experience. Apart from the rush of the World’s Toughest Race and seeing world starts such as Ivan Basso, Thor Hushovd and Mark Cavendish, the visitors will also get a fantastic opportunity to ride in the scenic Danish landscape. We are looking forward to welcoming the many European guests, says Ole Egeblad.

The Danish tourist organisation, VisitDenmark, is also putting in a huge effort, to market the Giro-Start all over Europe.

The Branding Denmark Fund is behind the funding of the campaign.

For further information, please contact commercial manager Ole Egeblad. Phone +45 21 13 00 75, E-mail: or vicepresident Alex Pedersen,, phone +45 40 15 85 01.

Editor’s Note
Giro d’Italia-Big Start 2012 is staged in Herning and Horsens, where the first three stages are held from 5th to 7th May. The first and second stages of Giro d’Italia starts 5th and 6th of May in Herning. The third and final stage in Denmark will be in Horsens.
This will be the first time that Giro d’Italia visits Scandinavia.

Behind Giro-Start 2012 in Denmark are The Municipality of Herning, the Municipality of Horsens, Region Midt, as well as the national event organization, Sport Event Denmark. Furthermore the tourist organization VisitDenmark, The Branding Denmark Fund and the daily newspaper B.T. contribute to the promotion of the event.