A selection of past Insight magazines published by Sportcal, containing essential information for organisations involved in all areas of the sports market.

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Sportcal Insight
The disruption that online streaming services and over the top viewing is causing in the broadcast market has changed the way sport is consumed. Sportcal Insight analyses a year of developments in OTT and, through interviews with senior industry figures and market analysts, seek to ascertain whether rights-owners are ready to make the ultimate leap.
Published: October 2017
Insight 14
As the race to host the 2024 Olympics gets into full stride, we present detailed analysis of the two bids, Los Angeles and Paris, and ask, Who's in the lead? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each bid? And how have they fared under the new conditions imposed by Agenda 2020? Women's sport seems to be on the rise worldwide; but do the figures support this impression? We compare TV rights and other values from a range of competitions and speak to some of the leaders in women's sport.
Published: March 2017
Insight 13
With traditional linear TV figures falling, Sportcal Insight asks: What’s the future for Olympic viewing? We examine NBC’s Rio 2016 viewing figures and consider how social media like Snapchat and the newly-launched Olympic Channel are changing the broadcasting landscape, through interviews with senior industry figures like the IOC’s Timo Lumme, the Olympic Channel’s Mark Parkman and Deltatre’s Carlo De Marchis.
Published: October 2016
Insight 12
Mike Laflin, Sportcal’s CEO, examines the changing priorities of sports destinations in the last five to 10 years. More and more destinations are focusing on attracting low-risk, regular events that generate a wider range of benefits rather than irregular world championships that come with higher risks and, for some, increasingly inflated hosting fees.
Published: June 2016
Insight 11
The cover feature of Sportcal Insight magazine examines the sustainability of the massive growth of the Chinese market, as the country provides some of the top global investments in sports agencies, clubs and media rights.
Published: March 2016

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